About L'Artisan

This store is something that took us quite a while to dream up and piece together. To begin with, we had a lot of friends who were talented artists and wanted to find a way to support them and promote their work for our community to enjoy.

Along the way, we have met dozens and dozens more artisans, who craft not only visual wall art but also metalwork, woodwork, jewellery, glasswork, furniture, and so much more. We’ve been constantly overwhelmed by not only the amount of talent that we are surrounded with every day, but also the vulnerability with which these artists create their artwork. Every handmade piece in our shop has been crafted wholeheartedly. They are expressions of hope in sometimes dark seasons . . . and love being birthed out of unexpected places.

We believe that the arts are one of the primary ways that we can, as humankind, express hope and goodness in a way that transcends our differences. Every artisan and every piece is carefully chosen so that we can remain true to the passion and purpose that drives us in this venture: To share light with the people around us, using art as a medium. We’ve even thrown some of Paul’s own photography into the mix!

There is a resonance you can hear as you walk through L’Artisan. You can hear it, if you quiet your mind and listen with your heart.

It’s our desire, as designers and artists ourselves, to not only promote artists in our community, but also to share the positive and life-giving power that comes through their work with you.

Take a look around. We hope you find inspiration, encouragement, and maybe you’ll even experience some of your creativity igniting!

Paul & Janna Lafrance